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The Intrinsic Leadership of Courageous Followers
This paper takes the position that a subtle bias exists against recognizing followers as individuals with intrinsic qualities that are identical to many current leadership theories. Current research and a roundtable discussion with Organizational Leadership Ph.D. students indicates that courageous followers may be identified as leaders within a different place in the organizational dyad. Courageous followership is also presented as an appropriate leadership style for the New Testament church. READ MORE >>

The Development of the Biblical Followership Profile
This paper outlines the development of a Biblical Followership Profile utilizing constructs developed from the Bible. A word study the Hebrew and Greek languages for follow elicited five possible sub-constructs: (a) abandonment to the leader, (b) intimacy with the leader,
(c) obedience, (d) faithfulness, and (e) persistence. Possible assessment statements were developed and examined by a pool of experts. Face validity was assessed through pilot-testing the instrument. Additional tests to assess construct validity were suggested and limitations to the development of the instrument proposed. Following any changes made to the instrument as a result of exploratory factor analysis, the Biblical Follower Profile has the potential of greatly aiding individual Christians and churches in assessing the level of followership. READ MORE >>

A View of Leadership: The Following-Leader Philosophy of Leadership
This paper seeks to develop a philosophy of leadership from a biblical worldview. Established thinking on leadership is examined by comparing and contrasting some of the major historical theories of leadership. Insight into current theories of leadership is gained by addressing some of the factors and values of leadership. Addressing these theories and studies from a biblical worldview introduces a “following-leader” philosophy of leadership. The “following-leader” philosophy posits a theory of leadership that accepts some current leadership theories and rejects others while being consistent with a biblical worldview. The “following-leader” theory adds depth to the spiritual formation of the practitioner, and, when implemented, changes the environment to the glory of God. READ MORE >>

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